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Thank you very much. I really do appreciate every second you invested in the work.

"I surely would love to continue our cooperation in future endeavors. If you think that something else in the work as it stands now is needed, please do let me know to make it happen. Still I have 5 more days to submit it. If not, then I will integrate your comments and submit. Until our next paper :)"
- Once again with high assurance of my consideration, Mohamed Walid, Austria

Thank you for my edited thesis

"I was happy with the editing. Thank you!"
- Vicki Drury, Australia

My thesis has been approved and I am very content with the work of first editing!

"I will be using your services again in the future. I am not used to such good friendly professional service in the Netherlands."
- Kind regards, Justin Van de Ridder, The Netherlands

I could not thank you enough for a job well done!!

"My paper looks good and making more sense than it was before. I will definitely refer my sister to make use of your services. I cannot help smiling at the paper, great job and service. And yes, the attached document went straight the spam folder. Thanks for advising me to check spam mail. I will make use of your service for my research proposal and thesis. Once again, thank you."
- Sincerely, Ina Asino, Malaysia

Thanks for all your help with my dissertation.

"My academic paper has been taken to a new level which I never could have done myself. Your help was worth every dollar!"
- All the Best, Sabrina Reich, Germany

Please thank (everyone) for their time and effort.

"I have gone through all of the editing changes made to my report and was really pleased with the quality of the work delivered. A big thank you for guiding me through this process."
- Regards, Peter Schroder, Austria

I'm glad that I chose Thesis Edit to do the editing.

"Besides the many improvements, she suggested that I add more references to the information that I referred to. I would rather do this now than wait until it is published and wishing I would have done it."
- Thanks, Kenny Hinrichs, USA

Oh my goodness! This looks much much better!

"Thank you and tell the editor she did a beautiful job! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!"
- Best, Anne Meridith, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the editing...

"It's a big improvement and learning experience. Humbling too, as I realize I've forgotten most of the punctuation rules."
- Thank you, Jaques Tellier, Switzerland

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

"Send my thanks to the editor(s). Being that French is my first language, I know my vocabulary likely isn't as full as someone with English as their first language and I guess as a beginning writer, it's hard to believe my writing is good?! Any help on word selection (adjectives, adverbs or verbs) would be great!"
- Thanks again, Dan Bilodeau, France

I have received the editted version. Now I am revising it!

"Thank you for your help."
- Mr Thanh, Germany

Worked great on my Thesis for my PHd!

" Thanks for everything."
- Hector Rivera, Mexico


"I wanted an outside opinion about my thesis and I really appreciated the positive comments!"
- Shawn Brooking, United States

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