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 Why This Is A True Bargain

A Better Price for Thesis Editing Is Hard to Find! 

For the price of this job, you won’t have to pull an all-nighter or work straight through the weekend to get your document  in perfect condition. Instead, you can pat yourself of the back for a job well done and go grab a few beers to celebrate with your friends.

…And let’s face it.

How much did your university textbooks cost? Like $200 dollars each?

You’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into your advanced education, not to mention the money you’ve put into your undergraduate degree. In comparison, this relatively small amount of money for editing could make the difference between an OK grade or an excellent grade plus formal recognition of success from your peers!

The bottom line is, if you’re reading this message right now, you probably really need this. If you could stop for a second, and imagine what it would be like to hand in a badly edited paper…

How much could that cost your academic career? As you think about that, ask yourself – can you really afford NOT to have this service?

Calculate Your Price Now!

Use our customized form to calculate your price. Attach your file, or part of  your file, if you want a free sample at the same time.

Here’s What You’ll Get  

A professionally edited paper by an editor with a PhD and/or 10 years or more of academic editing!

A personal critique of your writing.

An intense review of your proposal that provides in-depth comments and suggestions on how to strengthen your argument so you receive the highest possible reviews from your peers.

Different Levels of Editing Services for Your Academic Paper


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Everyone has different editing needs, and your editing job comes with its own unique price based on the word count and other specific criteria.

Click the button below to start your free price quote instantly. You’ll be taken to a secure form with a few questions about your editing requirements. We’ll automatically calculate your pricing and respond INSTANTLY!

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Are You On a Budget? Want to Discsuss Your Project With Us?

Contact us today.  We are happy to discuss what type of editing services your project needs.

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Thank you for the great editing service. My professor was really impressed by my paper.

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