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Examples of our Work

Can you show me what my thesis / report will look like?

We are using "track changes" in Microsoft Word. In this way, you can compare both your original and the edited text to ensure the changes we have made have not altered your intended meaning. After we return your document to you, it is up to you to review the changes.

An example is shown below:

Edited thesis document markup by editor

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How do you edit my thesis?

Our goal is to help students with their writing by checking:

  • formatting;
  • grammar / sentence structure / punctuation, paragraph structure;
  • sentence flow and style;
  • clarity and reader understanding;
  • that you have expressed your ideas clearly;
  • that your paper is organised, easy to read and understand;
  • correct any difficulty with word choice;
  • improve flow, impact and continuity of discussion;
  • avoid word repetition, ambiguity and redundancy;
  • check for omissions and inconsistencies;
  • check for appropriate vocabulary;
  • check for correct syntax;
  • check for correct English usage; and
  • ensure consistency of style.

Who will edit my work?
ThesisEdit staff.  Click here for more info on ThesisEdit staff.

What types of documents do you edit?

We provide professional editing and proofreading services to undergraduate, graduate, international students and researchers.  For example, we can help with the following documents:

  • Essays;
  • Reports;
  • Academic theses and dissertations (undergraduate, master and PhD level);
  • Research papers, journal articles and conference papers;
  • Resumes / selection criteria / cover letters; and
  • Documentation / instruction manuals / grant applications.

We provide editing services in all subject areas.Please provide us with any formatting and referencing guidelines used by your department.

Do you guarantee your work?

It would not be ethical for us to guarantee you high marks based on our editing service. Every examiner uses a different set of criteria, and your mark is also based on your content, not just the presentation of your ideas. However, we believe our editing service to be of a very high standard.  If you have an issue with our service, please contact us.

For more information, see Frequently Answered Questions.

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