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 Satisfaction Guarantee & Policies



Our Editing Satisfaction Guarantee’s satisfaction guarantee is simple: If you are not happy with your editing project, simply return it within 30 days. Afterward, we will review, re-edit and remove any errors from the original text at no additional costs.

We aim for perfection, but we are human. Nevertheless, if after the second edit you are not happy with the return policy due to unresolved editing errors, we will gladly refund your money.

Personal attention to detail is what makes our editing services so great. Obviously, we are not an editing software program spitting out grammar rules and spelling errors.

Accordingly, we personally read your research and assist you in making it as clearly written and understood as possible.

Therefore, we guarantee that your work will be returned with significant improvements while adhering to the highest standards.

We are available online 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns. For customer services, contact us via email, phone, or chat today!

PLUS - We guarantee our prices and delivery times!

Satisfaction Guarantee and Prices

Every price quote is FIRM. There are no hidden additional fees in our quoted prices. Specifically, every document's price is determined by the level of editing and length.

Simply select your required editing services and place your order. The price will not change if these factors do not change. Click here to get your instant, FIRM price quote today! Simply click here...

Guaranteed Delivery

Every document is delivered on-time. Should your editor have any questions or concerns, we will notify you immediately. Thus, you ALWAYS know the status of your order. If you need RUSH Delivery - no problem! Priority Delivery Services will get your edited document back about 25% faster than standard delivery and Express Delivery Services - we deliver your edited document 50% faster than standard delivery.

Our Editors Have Experience and Focus

Published academic writers, researchers, professors, and highly experienced professional editors are here for you! We work around the clock to ensure that your editing is letter-perfect and on time. Your editor has a minimum of TEN years' worth of professional writing & editing experience. Send us a portion of your paper and we'll give YOU a FREE sample edit!

But don't just listen to us. Click here to see what our clients' have to say.


1. All services and products are covered under this return policy. Thus, if you have any questions, please contact us for additional customer service.

2. All eBooks and/or electronically issued informational products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your info product, simply return it within 1 year and we will refund your money.

3. In accordance to our terms of service, you acknowledge and agree to our refunds and return policy. This clearly states that all consulting and editing services are performed to the best of our abilities. Therefore, we begin immediately editing upon receiving your order. Equally important, editing services are rendered on your behalf in good faith.

4. Cancellation of editing services must be submitted in writing via email or fax. Whereas, phone calls or voice/chat messages will not be acknowledged as formal cancellation. Additionally, we do not communicate via standard post/letters. In accordance with our shipping policy, all business is conducted on-line.

5. Upon personal receipt of your cancellation, will contact your assigned editor. Subsequently, your project will be cancelled at this time.

6. Following successful cancellation of editorial services, will contact you within 24 hours. Afterward, you will receive confirmation of your current editing status. In the meantime, charges for editing services will be calculated. Monies will be retained according to the degree of any editing services provided prior to cancellation.

7. Accordingly, fulfilled editing will be delivered along with any remaining monies for the unfulfilled services.

8. Your completed editing comes with our satisfaction guarantee and is protected under our privacy policy.

9. No returns, service credits, nor refunds will be issued for services completed by our editors and consultants. However, all fulfilled work is delivered via email to your originally submitted email address. Equally, you may also collect your work at the Client Center.

10. Please note that we are not responsible for any inaccessibility. This includes but is not limited to lost passwords, email submission errors, failed transmissions, and/or other technical difficulties.

11. Finally, this return policy applies to all orders placed on-line or by phone and fully paid via credit card, eCheck, international wire transfer or PayPal.

12. Please note that we do NOT accept money orders, paper checks or any job orders delivered via standard post. (For this reason, we NEVER accept or acknowledge any paper correspondence sent.) As a result, we are an online business with only electronic payment options. Please visit read our virtual shipping policy for additional confirmation.

13. Accordingly, all transmissions and orders must be placed electronically. Successfully transmitted electronic orders will be acknowledged with a formal receipt by email within 24 hours of receipt.

Thank you for entrusting us with your writing project! We look forward to working with you.

Click here for an INSTANT price quote and free editing sample! Professional editors at your service 24/7.



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In today's world, you cannot be too careful with whom you do business with - especially over the internet. Subsequently, we receive enquiries daily from researchers like you who ask about our business, our history, our satisfaction guarantee, and our privacy policy.

Rest assured, at you receive personal assistance from experienced and professional academic editors.

We are NOT an automated computer program! In fact, we read and review every word within your document and provide a strong customer support.

To receive a free editing sample, click here...

Our Privacy Policy

ThesisEdit.Com protects your privacy. Thus, we do not sell, trade, rent or disclose your information to a third party unless required by law. Thus, your email is ALWAYS safe with us!

Intellectual Property Protection:

You retain sole copyright, ownership and control over all materials submitted to us for proofreading and editing services. In fact, this includes any documents subsequently created or developed by us.

In other words, all writing remains your intellectual property.

Although we kindly request that you reference us as your editor/editing service, you are NOT required to do so.

For more information on US Copyrights, visit: Copyright Office Basics. Likewise for UK Copyright information, visit the UK Intellectual Property Office. Additional information can also be found at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Non-Disclosure Agreements:

ThesisEdit.Com will NEVER reproduce nor share any portion of work created by our clients without their consent. Furthermore, ALL editors have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement on file with

If you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed, please simply fax your NDA to 1-866-447-1384. Truly, we are happy to assist in providing your security and peace of mind.

All documents are transferred securely as outlined in our shipping policy.

To get a free editing sample, click here.

Plagiarism, Copyright & Content of Submitted, Edited or Created Materials:

Remember that breach of copyright and plagiarism are illegal. Thus, we assume no liability for the infringement of third party copyright in the content of your documents. Similarly, you accept sole responsibility for complete and accurate documentation, references and citations within your final documents. For basic information, visit Plagiarism.

Shipping Policy

In accordance with our virtual shipping policy, all editorial services are purchased online. Subsequently, all editing services are delivered electronically via email or our online client center. For assistance, please contact us electronically via CHAT, email or phone with any questions, concerns or orders.

Hence, we do NOT ship any items via standard post. Zip - zilch - nada!

Additionally, we do NOT accept payments or orders via postal service. Neither do we acknowledge any tangible items formally mailed to us.

In short, we are an environmentally conscientious organization that does our best to NOT print ANY papers! Hug a tree! Save the earth!

Thanks for your cooperation, support and understanding.

Secure Transmission of Documents:

Your documents are received and returned in the context of a secure file transfer system. Consequently, this reduces unreliable attachment methods.

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