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 We’ll Edit Your Thesis, Dissertation, Article, Reviews, White Papers, & Much More…

We provide professional thesis and dissertation editing services 24/7!

The key to editing your paper successfully is to tailor it to your needs PERFECTLY…

…But with so many different customers from all over the world, with dozens of different subjects, and hundreds of different requirements, this used to be much easier said than done…

Finally, after years of obsession, our team of editing experts, “cracked the code” of a truly flawless paper. We’ve broken the editing process into 16 key areas, so that you can clearly see and understand how we can best meet your needs. Some will apply to you, others definitely won’t; but make no mistake – we’ve got a package that will meet your needs!

Different Levels of Editing Services for Your Academic Paper

Here Are Exactly What's Included in Our Thesis Editing Services:

Which level applies to your needs? Take a look first and then contact us for a free sample and price quote. We will get back to you immediately!

  • Technical Copy Edit (LEVEL 1)

    Copy Editing includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, transitional phrasing, continuity/flow of thoughts, and support of statements.

    A Technical Copy Edit also includes formatting of citations, references and footnotes according to your requested style guide / manual (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc).

    Level 1 is ideal for scholarly authors who are in their last revision stage and fluent in the English language. This level is NOT receommended for non-native English authors.

  • Academic Line Edit (LEVEL 2)

    Line Editing includes all of Level 1 Technical Editing plus professional comments and feedback regarding overall writing style, flow of presentation and initial impressions by the reader.

    Line editing is ideal for manuals, dissertations, theses, journals, and research paper writing. It also includes up to 10% reduction of your word-count.

    Line Editing is the industry standard normally recommended by department professors before submitting your paper for review.

  • Complete Content Edit (LEVEL 3)

    Content Editing includes Editing Levels 1 and 2 (spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency/appropriateness of verb tenses, transitional phrasing, continuity/flow of thoughts, support of statements, formatting of citations/references, and footnote editing) and up to 10% word reduction.

    Content Editing also includes supplementary SENTENCE RE-WRITES when necessary and REVIEWING the overall consistency. We will provide an academic evaluation of your paper's concept and cohesion of theses.

    Content Editing is ideal for non-native English authors who needs help to perfect their language. Choose Content Editing for your first round of editing before any public distribution as it is very comprehensive.

SERVICE Level 1 -
Copy Edit
Level 2 -
Line Edit
Level 3 -
Content Edit
Grammar, spelling, punctuation
Consistency/appropriateness of verb tenses
Transitional phrasing
Continuity/flow of thoughts, support of statements
Formatting of citations, references and footnotes
Editing according to your requested style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc)
Feedback on overall writing style
Feedback on flow of presentation
Feedback on initial impressions for the reader
Up to 10% reduction of your word-count
Scientific field expert editor
Professional English language enhancement
Necessary English re-writes based on Level 2 feedback
Reviewing the overall consistency
Academic evaluation of your paper's concept and cohesion of theses
48/72-hour RUSH service available for up to 20 pages manuscripts.

Do You Have a Deadline? Consider Our Rush Delivery Services!

Are you struggling to finish your paper in time? We can help you out, even if you have to send in your document for review tomorrow!! Our rush delivery services are available for ALL TYPES of thesis, dissertations and academic papers. You will pay a little bit extra, but you will get it edited ON TIME. Guaranteed.

  • Priority Delivery Services - you will get your edited document back about 25% faster than standard delivery.

  • Express Delivery Services - we deliver your edited document 50% faster than standard delivery.
Rush Academic Editing Services

    Want Some Proof of Our Skills?

    In a world filled with empty promises, there’s nothing like real-world proof to back up one’s claims. I can think of no better way than for us to edit a free sample of your work. Send us a portion of your paper today and we’ll “walk the walk” — guaranteed! (Here is an an example of how track changes will display  when editing your sample.)

    Still Have Questions?

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    We have branches on every corner of the English-speaking globe. We’ll be very happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you’re bored and you need some random, stimulating conversation, we’ll still talk to you too.

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    Thank you for the great editing service. My professor was really impressed by my paper.

    Speak to our support team and they will get you in touch with one of our thesis editing consultants today!


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